| D R E S S  U P — A Graphic Tee |

| D R E S S U P — A Graphic Tee |


Long gone are the days of spending an arm and a leg to style a cute outfit! Your graphic tees are not just for baby spit - up or making Target runs (although this is the most common use for my girls, ha). Take your $18-23 graphic tee and get ready to have countless outfit varieties at your finger tips.


A floppy hat goes a long way when adding flare to your tee. Time to dig it out from your summer wear. If you don’t own one, I had luck in finding one for F I V E - doll hairsssss at the Target Dollar Spot last Spring.


Not a hat kinda girl? Break out the fat curling iron and add some beach waves. Want those beach wave curls to last? Keep your curls tight, spray with some hairspray and then brush out your curls RIGHT before you leave the house. 

If you just laughed at the thought of having time to curl your hair? No worries! Spray your hair lightly with some hairspray, brush your hair back into a slick, smooth bun without any baby hairs frayed out and put into a clean bun. Takes all of 3 seconds and no one will even know this is day 5 of Dry Shampoo :)


Statement earrings are a life saver! Even without styled hair, tassel earrings (Which are available in my shop for $12) can easily dress up any tee. Find a minor color in your tee’s design and pick out earrings in that color. This will really bring out your design in tee. If you have a plain tee, be BOLD and pick a pop of color earrings!


Fall season is the perfect opportunity to pull out those cardigans. Old Navy usually has sales for $12 cardigans or snatch one for $18 at Target.... which... we haven’t brought up thrifting to this point! I have a couple resale stores in my area which offer all of the stores I love in ONE place for nearly half the price of retail. Win/Win!

Spring/Summer - Perfect time to pull out that Jean jacket that can be styled with nearly every tee! Black Jeans are my go - to with a jean jacket.

Knotted Tee

You will rarely see me rocking a graphic tee without a knot in the front. I add my knot once the shirt is on. I can still do this without sizing up but if you don’t have much room in your tee, I recommend sizing up next time. Simply tie a knot and pull slightly on the shirt to loosen the knot. BAM — dressed up!

Be you!

This post was just to give you some easy ways to dress up tees. Remember to own your style! Next time you get some ‘me-time’ (5 min on the toilet away from kids) browse Pinterest for Graphic Tee Outfits and you’d be surprised how you can reuse items you already have in your closet. 

Feel free to share how you dressed up your tee either in the comments below or share a pic in our VIP Group!

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