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| N E W T H I N G S |

Let's get this party started....again!

As many of you know, I am closing up local shop and moving to Japan. But, that doesn't mean the fun and quality tee's stops here! I have hired some well-respected ladies in the t-shirt biz to work for me while I am in flux with moving & getting set back up in Japan. See below of what to expect:

What hasn't changed:

  • ME: I will be posted from a different location, but you can still expect the same transparency, encouragement and interaction from me :)
  • Rewards: I still have my rewards active on my site. You will still earn $20 credit for every $200 spent!! While I may not have things on sale as I did before, don't forget you are earning while you shop either way!
  • TAT (Turn-Around Time): Still at 2 weeks, but if it is anticipated to be longer, I will provide that on the listing.
  • SEZZLE: It is available for all orders over $35! This allows you to just pay 25% at checkout and 25% every 2 weeks, without any fees! I pay the fees ;)
  • Close Out Dates: Most of y'all are use to me turning off orders at a certain time, and this will be no different. Pay close attention to the listing so you don't miss out!
  • TEEEEE PARTIESSSSSS: Let's be honest... many of you are here because you participated in a friend's tee party. Well I am ready to bring them back. You will play games throughout the week, earn free tee's while your friends shop tees at a discount, exclusive rate not available to the rest of the VIP Group. Win/Win right!???

What has changed:

  • Shipping: I can no longer offer porch pickup. All orders will have to be shipped. But, be on the lookout for various sales that may offer Free Shipping for a time period. Keep that gas money in your pocket & save your time driving over, let your goodies be dropped on your step!
  • Shirt Choices: Shirt colors will be as depicted in the Mock-ups, but you will still pick your size. This may be good for some as the options were at times overwhelming and you may not have had a good visual of what it would look like. 
  • Shirt Brands: Not all shirts will be Bella Canvas Triblends. The shirt options and make up will be listed on every shirt listing. I actually got quite a few requests for Gildans so expect more variety.
  • Reps: I asked my reps to sign up for a seasonal period. During my move, I don't have any active, but if you love my stuff and wouldn't mind rocking some tee's while earning discounts. Keep that in mind when I do the next call out for rep applications :)
  • More Variety: I will only offer shirts for a handful of days now. Close out date will be clearly listed. This means you gotta shop when you see it or set a reminder to checkout later in the week. BUT, that also means if you don't like the shirts..... wait a few days and there will be fresh ones offered :)
  • Instagram: I will show some behind the scenes and occasionally post the newest deals to those followers! Follow me: gritgracee

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Sorry to see you leave the USA; but I thank you for your Service!

Laura T

I’m sad and excited to see you go! You will have so many new adventures! I’m happy for you and proud of your growth!


Enjoy your new adventure! You got this! Can’t wait to hear about all your new adventures!

Heather Hall

Good luck in all! :)

Vanessa Macias

Excited about still being able to shop and excited for you! Our friend is stationed there and loves it!

AUtumn Crabtree

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