| C U S T O M E R   S P O T L I G H T -- Vanessa |

| C U S T O M E R S P O T L I G H T -- Vanessa |

Vanessa is one of my TOP customers hands down! What baby wants, baby gets! She has the cutest little girl that I have had the pleasure of making many items for.


Unlike many of my other customers, she did not find my page from word of mouth or through a tee party. Vanessa was scrolling on FB Marketplace & BAM there were my tee's and it was history ever since, ha.

She is a sucker for the mom tees, but also loves some good spanish customs! You can catch Vanessa rocking these tees out and about... more than likely at Target haha.

If she ain't mommin', she is at work nursing it up or sleeping. #goals.

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